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We provide childcare that allows busy parents to feel comfortable that their children are safe and loved.Our mission is to serve a proudly diverse group of families and their children.We provide an inclusive and safe environment for children’s development and work daily to introduce them to the beautiful cultures that make up our community.


Our Vision is a community where all children feel loved, respected and encouraged to develop to their fullest potential.Our program is planned to promote positive growth in the lives of all children. We will provide a loving environment that enables each child to develop their social, physical, emotional and intellectual abilities.
We know that each child is unique and special and positive early childhood experiences are instrumental for a child’s overall development in later life. Our program will promote and maintain a safe environment that creates an opportunity for children to develop and grow in a positive manner through appropriate role modeling.


Precious GEMS Academy is a licensed childcare center located in Stamford CT serving children from the ages of 8 weeks to school age. Precious GEMS Academy is the sister company of Ruby’s Little GEMS CT which was established in 2018. PGA was established to meet the high demand for quality childcare at an affordable price in Stamford.
PGA provides high quality childcare in a loving, safe, and stimulating environment that enriches the children during their crucial years of development. We believe that learning takes place primarily through exploratory activities and discovery. We provide a child-centered environment with a wide range of materials and developmentally appropriate activities, which allow your child to create, manipulate, explore, and discover according to their interests. Each child is valued and recognized as a unique individual with a large capacity for growth and development. Through both group and individual activities, your child is encouraged to develop socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically at his or her own pace. Our philosophy also incorporates open communication between the parent and provider which builds the trust needed for a successful relationship

Our Core Values


A mindset that is fully engaged in the classroom, striving for excellence and creativity, and seeking the best interest of the children we care for.


Sharing life’s highs and lows with parents and children, through engagement and encouragement, since we’re an extension of our children’s family.


We strive to stay in constant communication with families through technology in in person interactions


We truly stand by “Love Grows her” . We strive to make sure that every child feels loved from the moment they walk into our facility.